Sunday, 19 February 2017

Why Google Adsense is best ad network for publisher?

Hello friends, now I am here to tell you about Google Adsense and why Adsense is best ad network for publishers? Every blogger have a dream to be a part of Google Adsense publishers community but they got rejected many times before getting Adsense approval. Only 5% blogger gets Adsense approval in their first attempt. 95% bloggers gets Adsense approval in more than one attempt.So to get Adsense approval is a dream for every blogger due to the following reasons.

1.Highest C.P.C Rates
Google Adsense gave publisher highest cost per click rates.It is even 10 times more than other ad networks sometimes.I read many stories about a person got 50$ in just one ad click.But I don't ever saw something like that in reality.Cost per click is different in each and every country.Your income from Adsense is totally depends on your traffic quality and from where do you get that traffic.Adsense cost per click rates country wise is given below ÷

2.Quality ad network
Google Adsense is top quality ad network for both publisher and advertiser.It is best among all the ad networks if we talk about quality.This ad network support all the blogs and websites that is correct on Adsense terms and conditions. It works on both free and registered domain.It also works on free blogger blogspot blog.

3.Monetize your website or blog
To monetize your website or blog in best possible way ,you just need to have approved Adsense account.Adsense is the best ad network for both advertiser or publisher.The best part of Adsense is that you can also use other ad networks with Adsense as well for example, chitika,infolinks,revenue hits,bidvertiser etc.If you use all those ad networks together then it increase your revenue as well.But use Adsense as a priority ad network because Adsense is best for publishers among all those ad networks.Adsense is also known as AdWords.

We all know that Adsense is best among all the ad network among publishers.But to get Adsense approval is too much difficult.Adsense only approve those websites that are correct according to seo search engine optimisatio.There are many tools to check your website according to seo.Because according approved only those websites that are correct according to search engine optimisation.When Adsense rejects your application due to insufficient content then you received a mail given below ÷
What you need to do after receiving this email? You need to increase your content and strength of your content.Your article must be minimum of 600 words with quality content and it must be unique not copied from anywhere.Before applying for adsense Keep in mind that your content should not be copied from anywhere.If you does that then you straightly get rejected from Adsense.

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