Sunday, 12 February 2017

Top 5 ad networks for publishers.

Hello friends, now I am here to tell you about the top 5 ad networks that you must use to make money online through your blog or a website. According to me Google Adsense is the best ad network if you want to be a online publisher.But if you are not able to get Adsense approval then you must try some alternatives of Google Adsense. To know more about top 5 advertising network for publisher read below÷

1.Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best advertising network for both publisher and advertiser.Its a dream for every blogger to get Adsense approval.But Adsense has a strict approval process.If your blog or website does not match Adsense terms and conditions for approval then Adsense not approve your application.So, before applying for Adsense you need to confirm that your blog is compatible for Adsense approval process.But if you don't approval in first time then you don't need to be panic for that just work hard for 1 or 2 months and reapply for Adsense.But if you don't get Adsense approval in many times then try some alternative of Adsense. But Adsense has highest CPC rates and no payment issues that's why Adsense is best.But you are not able to get Adsense approval then you need to sacrifice and try some alternatives of Adsense. Top four alternatives of Adsense are given below÷
This is Google Adsense sign up page.I show you this because you need to know where you need to sign up your website or blog to start earning from Google Adsense.This is real sign up page of Google Adsense.So before sign up for Adsense be confirm that you are on right place or not? Match this page with your page on screen before sign up for Google Adsense.

When your primary application was rejected by Google Adsense or when you applied for Adsense more then once then you saw this application page to applied again for Adsense.

This is Adsense email when your application is rejected due to insufficient content.Then you need to increase your content and when you have enough content in your blog or a website.Then you are eligible to get Adsense.I don't know the accurate content criteria but 15 to 30 unique articles are enough to get Adsense approval.÷ is the best alternative of Google is a yahoo bing advertising network.Anyone that got rejected by Adsense many times choose Yahoo bing as a alternative.But it's paying rates for publisher is less than Adsense but more than any other ad network.So, choose as a alternative of Adsense is not a bad idea at all.But to get approval is as difficult as Adsense.To get approval is a tough task as Adsense.But both these network need quality unique content, not much grammetrical or spelling mistakes and many more.Read policies of both Adsense or before applying.
This is a sign up page of powered by Yahoo and bing.I show you this page because many people have been confused about Yahoo ,bing or many peoples don't know that what is Yahoo ad network? Yahoo ad network is made by Yahoo and bing Microsoft and it is best alternative of Google Adsense. But before applying for be confirm that you are in a right place.
This is sign in page of where you need to put your username or password that you provide and after that click on submit button to access your account. logo


Chitika is another alternative of Google Adsense but it has very low CPC rates.But best part of this advertising network is its approval scheme.The publisher got instant approval in chitika.Traffic is not a issue in this advertising network. But the CPC is too low in this advertising network so it's not a good alternative of Adsense but if you use chitika+ info link+ revenue hits=Adsense.You need to use three ad network together to make chitika a good Adsense alternative.The best part of chitika is that they were automatically approved your website or blog when you put a chitika ad on it from your account.The best part of chitika is that you can add many websites or blogs on one chitika publisher account.
When you apply for chitika then chitika send you this email.When you click on complete my application then you are automatically redirect to sign in page.The best part of chitika is that it accept almost every website or blog. So you surely get this email from chitika after applying for chitika.
When you click on complete my application in email page then you are redirected to login page of Chitika.After that copy HTML and links and paste it into your website or blog to start earning from Chitika.
Chitika logo


Bidvertiser is another alternative of Adsense.But it's hard to get bidvertiser approval as Google Adsense or but bidvertiser has low CPC rates if we compare it to Adsense. We can say that none of the ad networks is as good as Adsense but what we can do if we don't get Adsense approval in many times. Then we need to try some alternatives of Adsense. Bidvertiser is one of those alternatives of Adsense. But if we don't get approval for bidvertiser then we need to correct our website or blog for monetisation.

This is bidvertiser sign up page in which you can sign up for free as a publisher if you have a website or blog.Click on sign up now and fill the form to create bidvertiser account.
This is a login page of bidvertiser account in which you need fill your username or password.You have three options in account type menu ie publisher,advertiser or referall.Fill you account type and login to access your bidvertiser account.

5.Revenue hits÷

Revenue hits is another alternative of Adsense but the CPC or ppc rate in this ad networks is too low in comparison to Adsense.But the best part of revenue hits is its approval program. The approval scheme of revenue hits is as same as chitika.You got instant approval and start monetise your site after sign up in revenue hits.But if we use bidvertiser, info links,revenue hits,chitika or media. Net then revenue we got is more than Adsense. We can say that if we use all those ad networks simultaneously as a publisher then we make more money than Adsense.So try all those alternatives if you don't get Adsense approval.Sign up for revenue hits by clicking on this link.
Email to activate your revenue hits account.

Sign in page of revenue hits