Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Methods to make money by blogger blog.

What is blogger?
Blogger is a blogspot blog that is free service.In other words, we can say that your Gmail account is your blogger account.Blogger.com is a free service provided by Google to share your thoughts with the world.There are many methods to make money by your free blogger blog.Some money making methods are given below.

1.Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is the best method to make money by your blogspot blog.Put links or banner of products from sites like Amazon,ebay, flipkart, snapdeal and many more on your blogspot blog.If anyone buy any product by clicking on your link then you got 10 to 12 % commission of that product price.Amazon is best among all the affiliate marketing sites.Amazon has highest commission rates for Amazon associates.

2.Put ads on your blog.
If your blog has got good traffic then apply for Google Adsense.But if Google Adsense not approved your request due to lack of traffic and you don't match adsense criteria.Then you have many more options like bidvertise,chitika,infolink,media.net and revenue hits.These all sites revenue hits+bidvertiser+infolinks+chitika=Google Adsense.But media.net is the best alternative of Google Adsense.But if you need instant approval then chitika is best.You can use chitika with Adsense as well to increase your earnings.To sign up for chitika visit the banner on this page by clicking on that banner you will easily become chitika publisher.
Why chitika advertising network is good?
The best part of chitika advertising network is its approval process.Your website or blog is instantly approved and you can add many of your website in one publisher account.You just need to put chitika codes in your website or blog and they will automatically add your blog or website to chitika publisher domains.The best part of this is withdraw limit that is 10 dollar.You can easily withdraw you earning when you reach 10 dollar if you have paypal.com account.Chitika publisher payment proofs given below.

Some more sites like chitika.
If you are not able to get Adsense approval in many times.Then try some more alternatives like chitika.Some alternatives of Adsense that I know are infolinks, revenue hits, media.net,bidvertiser etc.But to get media.net approval is as difficult as Google Adsense. To get bidvertiser and infolinks approval is also difficult. Bidvertiser not accept free domains of blogger that is Blogspot blog.So if you don't have custom domain name and you are working on blogspot so you have four ad networks that you use first is Adsense you need sufficient or quality content to get Adsense approval. Your content must be free from spelling or grammatical mistakes. Terms and conditions of media.net that is Yahoo bing network is nearly as same as Adsense so to get media.net approval is as difficult as Adsense.Bidvertiser can't accept free domain that is made on blogger.com or a blogspot blog.To get infolinks approval is also difficult.They have 150000 active publishers in their network. They also works on the principles of Adsense and media.net and infolinks is also quality ad network and alternative of Adsense.Now you have two option that is chitika and revenue hits.To get approval of both these networks is too easy.Everyone easy got approval of both these networks very easily even you are using a free blogspot domain or a paid custom domain.Apply now for chitika and revenue hits and start monetize your site.Best of luck.


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