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Top five ways to make money online

According to me the best and easiest way to earn money online is ptc SITES (paid to click)SITES.In this method of earn money online you just need to click on ads to earn money.I know the name of many PTC sites that gave you a good and decent income SITES like clixsense,paidverts,neobux etc.But according to me clixsense is best among all the PTC sites.Clixsense gave you money in many ways like click on ads ,play clixgrid game in which daily winners choose randomly like lucky draw in which price like 0.10,0.25,0.50,1.00,2.50,5.00,10.00 dollars is given to selected candidates daily.You also earn good income by taking surveys in clixsense.But according to me the best way to earn money by clixsense is referring it to other you got the full of your referral earning.So start earning money by clixsense now by clicking on this link you have ? In your mind that how you will get paid by clixsense.You just need to have a or account to get paid by clixsense.If you don't have a PayPal account than made it now.You can search on that how to make a PayPal account or payza account.But payza is not useful in many countries.If you are in India then use PayPal because payza is not used in India.For sign up for PayPal in India don't use if you are in India use to sign up for PayPal.Now start earning from clixsense and transfer that money easily to your PayPal account PayPal transfer that money to your bank account.So don't wait start using your free time and earn some decent income sign up for clixsense now by clicking on this link.
Below here you saw the payment proofs of clixsense sign up now here.

Here I m telling you how you can make money online easily.You just need to sign up for clixsense by clicking on this link. you are thinking that what is Clixsense and how it works.It is so easy to use clixsense account you don't need to be educated anyone can use it you just need to click on ads to earn money online.what you need? You only need mobile phone or laptop to saw all those ads and make money easily.If you are student looking for part time job then you are at right place.If you are student or housewife and looking for part time job than you are at right place.clixsense pays you money in many ways like taking survey,click on ads,playclixgrid game but best way to earn money by clixsense to refer it to other you got commission on your referral earning so you make ten time more money if you have ten active referalls and many other different offers or tasks you got in clixsense to earn money.How it pays? I m giving you answer that how it gives you money.It gives you money in you or account.You just need to have a verified PayPal or payza account.So sign up for Clixsense and start making some easy money online.Sign up for Clixsense now and make some decent income.sign up for free now by click on this link free

Best PTC paid to click sites.According to me many PTC sites play an important role in earning some income for us.But according to me many of them are scams.But between all those PTC sites I know the name of one PTC site name clixsense ( can download it here by click on this link)that really gives you money for click on ads play clixgrid game or taking surveys.But referral program is the best among all tha earning programs.You refer it to others by click on affiliate or by directly going into account copy this link and paste on pages groups send it through SMS or to your friends.You earn good income by clixsense by not going anywhere.The minimum withdraw amount for standard clixsense member is 8 dollars and for premium member minimum cashout limit is 6 dollars.You can also upgrade your standard account to premium account by paying 14 dollars and you become able to use many more clixsense services like you got 60 clixgrid click instead of 30 clicks.Just use your free time and earn some decent income.You don't need to have PC or laptop you also operate clixsense on your mobile phone. You just need a internet connection.You need account to get your earnings in your bank account but if you are in India and you don't have a PayPal account then click on to make your paypal account you do not made your paypal account in india by you have to write on your browse or directly click on my link that I gave on this and PayPal are two decent methods to get your earnings in your bank account.But payza is not used in some countries if you are in India then use PayPal to transfer your clixsense earning to your bank account.If you want to sign up for clixsense and want some earning from PTC sites then sign up now .Below on this page You saw payment proofs of clixsense so you can easily sign up for clixsense by click on this link and earn some money online and You can also copy and paste this link to your browser and you also sign up for clixsense by directly click on this link.

Now I m here to tell you about a site name swagbuck which is top online money earning site according to me.In this site you just need to take some high amount surveys ,play games,watch videos and and browse searches that you browse in your normal browser you don't get any money from there but here you got money by browsing.In swagbucks money is given in sb. 455 SB is equal to 5 dollars and you also got a sign up amount of 25 SB and you got some surveys daily in which you surely (confirmed) got some money.Now, I m sure that you are curious about how you got money from swagbucks it has many procedures to withdraw your money through swagbucks like gift voucher paypal.comcashout but u need PayPal account to cash out that money or you have many more procedures to cashout your money.Swagbucks is the best platform to earn money online if u really want to convert your free time in some decent free income than you use this way to earn money online.If you want to join swagbucks now then click on this link start earning money online.Best of luck for your Swagbucks journey.


Now I here to tell all of you about how you can earn money by online typing.You just need to sign up for a website name b58u and b590 as a megatypers code for sign up.In this website you will get money by typing online captchs.Now I am sure that you have many questions in your mind like how it works and how much you earn with megatypers.Your earning depends on your speed of typing and accuracy of your time and it also depends on time and rate of typing at that time.Sometimes rate of typing is 1 cent for ten captchs or sometime rate is same for 20 captchs.When rate is good then you will easily earn 1 dollar in one hour.Rate is mentioned at the screen.Now I m sure that you will think about how you will get paid.You just need a account to withdraw your earning.The minimum cashout amount of megatypers is 3 dollar so you only withdraw your earning when you reach 3 dollar amount.Start typing captchs now earn money easily sign up for megatypers now using.Use b58u and b590 as a megatypers code for sign up.


Now I m here to tell all of you about a great mobile application name champcash.champcash is a best mobile aap on playstore to earn money via mobile phone.You will earn millions from champcash.It works as a chain.Download champcash aap by directly click on this link

You will be redirected to playstore.You also use refer id 1035531 After downloading champcash mobile app.I am here to telling you that how it works.At first when you download and sign up for champcash than 1 dollar is automatically credited to your champcash account.You earn from champcash in many different ways like refer to other.By referring it to others you directly get 1 dollar from your direct referral and if your referral refer it to other then you got 50 % income of that you earn money on seven levels of referals.You also earn money by taking surveys downloading aaps.You got money on seven stages by downloading aap for one time.You earn money on each and every activity of Your referrals.Champcash is the best way to earn money through mobile.You don't need laptop and PC to operate your champcash account.If you want to start     earning in your free time then You are on a right platform(right place).According to me if You gave your 100 % on champcash than you can easily earn 10000 to 100000 RS(150dollar to 1000 dollar per month).You got this money in dollar.You got this money in two ways first is mobile recharge and second is bank redeem.You directly transfer that money to your bank account when you reach 5 dollar amount.You also use your champcash earning in shopping by shopping sites like, download flipkart app by click on this link, and also use this money in hotel booking and flight booking on sites like  and hotel booking sites like to me mobile recharge and transfer money to bank account is the two best ways to get your money.You just need to click on bank redeem or fill your imformation like bank account, and pan card,name,bank ifsc code in that form to transfer champcash earning to your bank account.So don't wait start earn money now by clicking on this link you will redirect to Google play store. 

5.Affiliate marketing

Now a days,online shopping is become a tradition by which we save our times and get a quality product or branded product by not going to shop.You just need to stay at your home and do shopping with your mobile , laptop, or tablet through internet.                                                                                                               

   Online shopping Affiliate program

Now a days, many people's use this online shopping as a business by Affiliate programming.You just need to sell the products of these sites and you got some decent commission in return.Different products has different commission rates and These rates changes day by day.If you sell products of high cost then you got huge commission from that product.Products like laptop mobile ,tablet and other electronic equipment with highest price gave you huge commission.Online shopping sites are very popular now a days.some of the best affiliated sites are given below.


     Top Affiliate shopping sites.      download flipkart aap now by click on this link (                  many more online shopping sites).

If anyone has any question then comment below.I am always here to help you.


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