Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Make money by selling photos online.


Hello friends, now I am here to tell you about how you will make money online by selling photos? Yes it's true you make lots of money just by selling your photos online and the most important thing is that you earn lifetime when your photos is downloaded on shutterstock.You can make 0.32 to 120 dollar on your one photo download.Now I am sure that all of you thought is it possible to make money by selling photos? Yes it is possible to sell your photos online and make lot of money.I am telling you about one of the most popular site name shutterstock https://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=165193978 sign up here by clicking on this link.Now I am sure  that you all have question about which kind of photos gave you money?  what is the quality of those photos? Take photos of everything like nature,animals,beautiful places,gods,worship places,art and craft etc.You take photos according to your field of interest.But many people write blogs on shutterstock I read them they all say you need high quality photos of four megapixels as shutterstock terms and conditions.They say that you need good camera to take those photos.But now a days, every phone price 6 thousand to 40000 indian rupees or 100 to 1000 us dollar has a camera of 4 mexapixels. According to me every jpg format pic or JPEG format pic of 1.10 mb is good for shutterstock contributor.The pixels of pic should be good and size should not be less than 1.10 mb.

Shutterstock contributor logo

How to sign up for shutterstock?
Now you all have that question in your mind that how to get sign up for shutterstock and to become a member of active community of photographers.You can easily sign up using this link.  https://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=165193978  .But after sign you have to submit 10 of your best photos on shutterstock and after that they review your photos if anyone of your photo is selected then you become an active member of shutterstock contributor.

How much you will earn with shutterstock?
Now I am sure that you thought about the figure that how much you make using shutterstock? It depends on how much active photos you have on your shutterstock contributor account.If you have 100 active photos than you will easily earn minimum 50 dollars a month for lifetime for sure but if you have 1000 active shutterstock photos then you will easily get 300 to 500 dollars or more per month lifetime.Because you get money on shutterstock on eachtime or lifetime when your photo is downloaded.Start earning money from now sign up now click on this link.   https://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=165193978.

How you will get paid?
There are two ways to withdraw your shutterstock earnings.First is paypal.in and second is skrill.com.Use paypal.com to create your PayPal account if you are not from India and if you live in India then use paypal.in to sign up.Withdraw limit is minimum 35 $ to maximum of 500 dollar.You will get paid if you reach your set limit of earning.So start earn money from shutterstock.Use your free time and click some good pics sign up by click on this link.  https://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=165193978.I am doing well on shuttestock.Buy some best mobiles for shutterstock contributor with good camera s from this page.All images that i show on this page is a screenshot taken by me to show you all the things in best possible ways.Best of luck for your shutterstock journey.Good luck for your future. 


  1. hi! nice post. i use 20twenty to sell photos. it works more like instagram, but sale able. i wonder if i join shutterstock, can i sell the same photos like i already sell in 20twenty? bcz its maybe save a lot of time to get a buyer. thanks before.
    i'm trying on GET PAID TO TAKE SELFIES while waiting my 20twenty earning. its pretty easy to get paid than to sell photos, i think. its worth a try.

  2. Sell your photos on shutterstock.You will make more than any other photo selling site.

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