Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Online shopping site and Affiliate program of these sites.

         Online shopping and affliate   


Now a days,online shopping is become a tradition by which we save our times and get a quality product or branded product by not going to shop.You just need to stay at your home and do shopping with your mobile , laptop, or tablet through internet.                                                                                                               

   Online shopping Affiliate program

Now a days, many people's use this online shopping as a business by Affiliate programming.You just need to sell the products of these sites and you got some decent commission in return.Different products has different commission rates and These rates changes day by day.If you sell products of high cost then you got huge commission from that product.Products like laptop mobile ,tablet and other electronic equipment with highest price gave you huge commission.Online shopping sites are very popular now a days.some of the best affiliated sites are given below.


     Top Affiliate shopping sites.               1.amazon.com

Amazon is best among all the affiliate marketing e-commerce website. Because it has high amount of commission that is 10%.It means if you sell any mobile of 2000 then you got 2000 as a commission.So,according to me Amazon affiliate program known as Amazon associates is best among all the affiliate programs.You can post your product link that is text link or HTML link anywhere to increase your chances of sales.You post your link on your personal blog or website, fb pages,fb groups,WhatsApp or via mail.If anyone buy Amazon product from your affiliate link include your code then you get 10 to 12% commission of its price.

  2.flipkart.com download flipkart aap now by click on this link (http://affiliate.flipkart.com/install-app?affid=abhmanyua)  

Second in my list is flipkart affiliate program.But commission rates in this affiliate program is too low.Sometimes it is too low but in some items it is same as Amazon.But commission rates of flipkart affiliate program changes everyday.So,the commission depends on that day commission rates.So it is at second number according to my experience. Try flipkart affiliate program to add some extra income.You can put your flipkart product affiliate link anywhere and if someone buys a product by clicking on your link or banner then you get a commission depends on rate of commission on that particular day.



In my list,the affiliate program ranks third is ebay affiliate program.But, if you are newbie then you should start at 4% of commission.But, these commission rates increases when you sell some products of eBay.But commission increases till it reached 10 to 12% of fixed commission.It ranks third in my list because it takes some time to reach high commission rates.You can put your eBay product links anywhere to hear product sale,earning and commission rates.

4.snapdeal.com.(and many more online shopping sites).

Snapdeal is the fourth one in my list
Snapdeal gives 10% of commission on each and every product sales.But people's don't prefer snapdeal or eBay much in comparison to flipkart and Amazon.But it ranks fourth in my list due to its high commission rates.You can put your links (product links) anywhere to increase your sales.Snapdeal is also good and you can also try it with flipkart, eBay or Amazon.There are many more online e-commerce sites but the top four among all those I described here that is amazon.com,flipkart.com,ebay.com and snapdeal.com.

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