Saturday, 17 September 2016

Earn money online by typing


Now I here to tell all of you about how you can earn money by online typing.You just need to sign up for a website name b58u and b590 as a megatypers code for sign up.In this website you will get money by typing online captchs.Now I am sure that you have many questions in your mind like how it works and how much you earn with megatypers.Your earning depends on your speed of typing and accuracy of your time and it also depends on time and rate of typing at that time.Sometimes rate of typing is 1 cent for ten captchs or sometime rate is same for 20 captchs.When rate is good then you will easily earn 1 dollar in one hour.Rate is mentioned at the screen.Now I m sure that you will think about how you will get paid.You just need a account to withdraw your earning.The minimum cashout amount of megatypers is 3 dollar so you only withdraw your earning when you reach 3 dollar amount.Start typing captchs now earn money easily sign up for megatypers now using.Use b58u and b590 as a megatypers code for sign up.

How to become typing master?
What is needed to join megatypers to make some good income? All what you need to have a good speed with accuracy of 95%.If you don't have both speed and accuracy then is not a right place for you.But if you practice it for few days then I am sure that you can easily work on megatypers and you made lots of money by solving captas online.

How much money you earn?
Now, I am sure that you are thinking that how much money do you made by megstypers? So it's totally depend on your speed of typing and your accuracy.So let's calculate how much money you will earn? It's not only depend on your typing speed it also depend on rate of that time.Sometimes you got 1 dollar per thousand captas but sometimes 0.40,0.50,0.60,0.70,0.80,0.90. So when you work on megatypers check the rate of that time on the side bar.But I am surely say that you made lots of money if you choose correct timing and your speed is good.So if your typing is good then start working on megatypers.But megatypers ask for code when you sign up.Here is some codes to join are-b590 and b58u.Start making money by megatypers.Best of luck for your megatypers journey.Good luck.

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